Gamers fans prepare to be ready! AIS joins M Vision with great partners Organizing the Thailand Game Expo by AIS eSports, the biggest gaming and gaming event Bringing the most excellent device, value package and a full tournament for eSports!

14 May 2019: AIS moves forward to connect Thais to the world of eSports partners M Vision along with Samsung and leading giant partners from all industries including Mobile Phone Companies, IT Shops, Laptop and Computer Distributors, Gaming Gear Devices and popular games from all platforms, join forces to organize the Thailand Game Expo by AIS eSports, the biggest gaming and gaming event in Thailand with 4 matches in the eSport competition to win a prize worth over 700,000 baht. This event is free!

  • The only place that offers promotions up to 50% discount for gamers and eSports fans including mobile promotions, home internet packages, laptops, computer and gaming gear with the latest model, cheapest and the best value from leading brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, BaNANA , J.I.B., PlayStation, Intel, Acer Predator, ASUS ROG, OMEN by HP, Lenovo Legion and MSI as well as receive free premium game limited edition.
  • The first time to experience the closely atmosphere of the eSport athletes for Thai national team representatives selection by Thailand eSports Federation to participate in the 30th SEA Games Philippines and meet with Gamer Girl "Pinku Notori" from J.I.B. and famous game casters from Twitch, such as Rubsarb Production, MiTH Streamer, Purple Mood Streamer, etc., which will enjoy intimately with the activities at the center stage and the club representative Pro Player level more than 50 lives.
  • Join activities with leading game companies in every platform and receive free special items from popular games such as PUBG Mobile, Speed ​​Drifters, Identity V, Cyber ​​Hunter, PES2019 and the first launch of Home Sweet Home Episode 2 which is a sequel horror game that is crafted by Thais.
  • Explode an eSport competition, a stage that allows the eSports fans to show their ability to compete in full fight.
    1. AIS eSports Thailand Corporate League competition, the first tournament of office workers gamers from 20 leading companies with 2 world-class games, DOTA2 and PUBG Mobile on 31 May 2019, to win a total prize money of over 400,000 baht and to search for company representatives from Thailand to win a regional championship in the PVP Esports Corporate Community program in Singapore.
    2. PUBG Mobile King of The Hill Official Partner with AIS Zeed competition, a stage that allows gamers to compete for precision, register at the front of the event and will compete in the SQUAD contest to win prizes worth more than 100,000 baht on 1 June 2019.
    3. Speed Drifters Legends Cup presented by AIS eSports competition on 2 June 2019 to win the race with a prize worth 150,000 baht, and the top three players will represent Thailand in Speed ​​Drifters World Championship in China.

In addition, the event also offers free mobile activities, free access to AIS Fiber eSports Package free for 1-year! And give away a lucky number with 1-year free call throughout the event, including the Cosplay Contest and enjoy mini-concerts from famous artists such as Sweat16 and SBFive.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, AIS’s Chief Consumer Business Officer, said "In the year 2018, we have seen the growth of the eSports business in Thailand clearly with a market value of up to 22,000 million baht and a group of players with as many as 27.5 million people while still growing every year. eSports athletes and Thai gamers have the ability not to lose other nations as well, AIS, therefore, intends to become a core in supporting the Thai gaming and eSports industry in concrete ways to lead to strong growth and international recognition.

Today, AIS continues to support the eSports industry by launching the Thailand Game Expo by AIS eSports, the biggest gaming and gaming event held in Thailand for the first time, which has combined the strengths of AIS as the network provider with M Vision, the largest mobile exhibition organizer in the country, and leading giant partners from all industries in order to bring the products and services of eSport to make shopping with great value and the best price, and create a world of eSports experience for Thai gamers to meet in close contact including the selection of eSports athletes to represent the Thai national team to compete in the 30th SEA Games that commonly do not have the opportunity to see and together with an environment of the eSports Championship in Thailand which can be watched and cheered closely including participating in the Walk in Tournament to win the prize and many rewards as well."

Mr. Thanong Leeissaranukul, Chairman of M Vision Public Company Limited or MVP, said "The company is an event organizing specialist. Previously, the company has organized a great eSport event in the Asia Pacific, allowing the company to have experience and expertise in organizing eSport competitions. The company would like to thank AIS for seeing such strengths and choosing MVP as a partner to join Thailand Game Expo by AIS eSports in this time and the company still believes that this event will be a center of eSports athletes. And if this event received good feedbacks, the company still believes that this kind of activity will happen again in the future for sure.”

Meet Thailand Game Expo by AIS eSports on 30 May - 2 June 2019 from 10 am. - 8 pm. at BITEC Bangna Hall EH100. See details of activities, promotions and additional information at